About ECSS

The European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) is an organization that develops and maintains a set of standards for the space industry in Europe. ECSS standards cover various aspects of space activities, including design, testing, and operation of space systems.

Objective: The primary objective of ECSS is to facilitate cooperation and standardization within the European space industry. By establishing common standards, ECSS aims to enhance the compatibility and interoperability of space systems developed by different European countries.

IHEA’s Mission

is to foster an inclusive global community of health economists, committed to strengthening the field, sharing ideas and resources, developing and applying economic theory and methods and generating evidence for improved, equitable health and health care.

ISAG 2024

The International Society and the International Foundation for Animal Genetics (ISAG and IFAG) evolved from a series of annual workshops for comparing methods for detecting red cell antigens and variants of proteins to a organization focusing on basic and applied research on molecular genetics. The Society and the Foundation support exchange of research ideas, results and applications by organizing conferences and workshops, comparison tests and publishing Animal Genetics, the official journal of the Foundation.


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